Sattva – The Unlimited Harmony of the world

Sattva in the universe is responsible for creation. Inside our own self, it gives us the ability to visualize well, think right, do good and act in accordance with the laws of nature.

Keeping the spirit of its name, Le Sattva wants to achieve harmonious and constructive relationship with its clients based on strong corporate ethics and fairly fulfilling duties towards society and self.

Since, its inception Le Sattva has come a long way to establish itself as a highly acclaimed  supplier & exporter of pure natural and organic Henna powder, Henna based hair colors, 100% natural henna based Hair Colors, Indigo Powder , Neutral henna for Coloring hair and Indian Herbs for hair treatment.  We are also offering wide range of herbal cosmetics, Essential oils and carrier oils. All our products are of established standard and quality using nontoxic and pure ingredients.

In India we manufacture, formulate, design, package, research, and ship our products which are natural, locally driven and operated. Our Hair care Products are manufactured in well-equipped production facilities with well-defined quality system and parameters.

We source our raw material, coloring ingredients & herbs from well-established fields providing good quality material on a consistent basis. We have installed automatic machineries. Our Infrastructure boast off to noted automatic machines like  Pulverizers , Grinder with accessories ,Shifters, Ovens, Drum Mixer for various processes like grinding, drying, purifying and refining of Henna Leaves ,filing ,lifting, labelling and Sealing .

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