Manufacturing Process for henna-based products

  • Leaves of henna plant are collected and sorted from fields or natural surroundings manually During sorting special care is taken to select leaves which are fresh and without any diseases or defect for further processing.
  • The sorted leaves are placed in an open environment for drying which are then sieved to extract the impurities.
  • The sieved leaves are then grinded in fully automated machines to form into a fine henna powder.
  • After grinding henna powder, is sieved afresh through the multiple shifters to extract the last impurities.
  • The sieved henna powder is then dried in ovens for removing moisture content and enhance shelf life and color.
  • For making herbal henna / henna-based colors, it is further mixed with herbs and coloring agents in a mixer.
  • After mixing the products goes for quality check and lab testing. If approved it is again sieved to impure any impurities during mixing and for giving a fine texture to the final product.
  • Then products go for packing and sealing through automated machines. Filling of pure henna and herbal henna are done manually so as to maintain the right air content in poly which is then weighted and sealed through automated machines with double layer protection.
  • The pouches / boxes are then packed in cartons which are properly sealed and shrink wrapped for enhanced protection. For bulk We use Triple Layered Packing for long lasting protection.
  • And finally, the shipment is ready for dispatch

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