Le Sattva Product

Le Sattva Product

Pure Henna Powder – Triple sifted Microfine powder

Henna – a leaf of a small shrub of which the leaves are plucked , dried and powdered and used as hair dye.
The choicest of henna leaves are handpicked from our own farms.
Thereafter they are sifted and grinded in pulverize machine.
Now the fine powder is sifted in machines with mesh size of 40 mesh and again in sifter machines with mesh size of 80 mesh .
The result is a very fine powder which gives thick orange color on hands and feet.
We also provide Cloth Sifted ( KAPADCHAN) high quality Pure Henna powder
Free from Heavy metals

Henna: is a conditioner which:
1. Restores the body and bounce of limp hair.
2. Prevents falling of hair.
3. Gives superb shine to hair.
4. Prevents growth of micro-organisms.
5. Helps prevent graying of hair as it contains Iron.
Henna s+K4hould be applied for 3 hours. Give bright orange henna colour in single application


Usage: Personal, Parlour

Color: Orange

Type of Packaging: BOX/ POUCH/ BULK

Pack Size: 100gm/200gm/500gm/1kg/ pouch packing

Gender: unisex


Pure Henna ( for hair)

Soak Herbal Henna in hot water to make an applicable paste & put it aside for 3 hours . Put on surgical gloves to save your hands from stains. Divide your hair in four sections & apply paste on each from root to top evenly. Give one hours time if using as conditioner but 3hours time if you desire to dye your hair. Rinse off thoroughly & comb in your pet hairstyle.

Pure henna( for hands & feet)
Soak pure henna in luke warm water for 2hours. Add some lemon juice to the mixture. Clean the part of the body where henna is to be applied & apply henna oil. Make attractive designs on hands and feet with the help of cones. Let the paste be applied for 2-3 hrs . Now wash the henna with water & apply some henna oil.

Directions to use

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