Henna, common name for a shrub & a dye that is obtained from its leaves. The shrub is also called alkanna & mignonette tree grows mainly in Southern  Asia. It bears small, fragrant ,white or rose colored flowers in clusters. The orange red dye produced from its leaves is used extensively as a rinse to impart reddish color to hair. Women use the dye to stain the nails & tips of their fingers & parts of their feet. Men of  arab countries use the dye to color their beards. Henna grows in hot climate in  semi arid regions  in north western part of India which is best suited for Henna cultivation. Indian henna is the finest henna in the world and is exported worldwide.

Yes, Our Henna Powder is 100% Natural, Organic and safe for hair dying. It contain some Different types of Natural Herbs. It is free from ammonia and harmful chemicals.

A large design will take normally 30 to 45 minutes. Small designs 15 to 30 minutes. Some very large designs can take hours.

Make sure the paste is completely dry. Generally one to two hours .However, leave the paste as long as on skin. The longer duration you keep the paste on hand or arm it may last even longer time but don’t wash your hand in water, just peel off the dry paste by hand or use small wooden stick.

Depending on your body chemistry and skin color, the designs can appear as orange, red, brown, burgundy . The color of henna is also based on the strength of the dye-paste mixture and the length of time it is left in place.

Designs stay on skin between 5-15 days depending on the intensity of the color, which skin portion that was tattooed and to what time duration you hold tattoo on skin. How often you wash hand or any part of body with soap and water.

Henna Oil refers to a oil which is used with henna. It does not contain henna or its extract. In fact it is a mixture of various natural extracts like Eucalyptus Oil , Clove Oil , Lemongrass oil , Terpentine oil , Citronella oil etc.

Henna oil certainly helps the print to be darker and last longer.Please use oil before and after the applying the henna for body tattoo.

If stored in a cool and dry place, the product has a shelf life of three years from the date of manufacturing.

The duration of color lasting on hair is approximately 20-30 days, depending on the texture of hair and skin and how many times the hair is cleansed.

1.) 100% Natural Hair colors( no chemicals). These are to applied for 3 hours and give final result after two applications( except for pure henna and herbal henna which give final result in single application). These are available in 8 shades:
Pure Henna ( orange)
Herbal Henna ( orange)
Indigo Powder ( purple blue)
Natural black
Natural Dark Brown
Natural Brown
Natural Light Brown
Neutral Henna ( gives only conditioning to hair but does not color hair)




This is the latest offering from our Company. We have developed Herbal Hair Colors

which  give color to hair in 45 minutes.  Following shades are available :Orange ,Red ,Copper Brown, Mahogany

The red shade can also be used to  tattoo skin and make designs instantly


3.) Henna Based Hair Dyes
Applied on hair for 20-30 minutes . Gives strong color on hair and gives final result on single application.
available in 13 shades: Black, Natural Black , Dark Brown , Special Brown , Light Brown , Chestnut, Burgundy , Red wine, Auburn , Blonde, Golden Bronze , Yellow, Sunset Orange.

It contains chemicals.

We work on the template provided by the buyer. Once you provide us with specifications we prepare the products as required.

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